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Classroom Simulator

It is a unique approach that will help to identify children with academic capabilities and help children for school readiness

Object of this unique approach is to

  1. Identify optimal distance from blackboard where a child can focus for maximum time.

  2. Identify sitting tolerance time and how long he/she can focus on a single thing.

  3. Address auditory and visual Sensory issue that could be Challenging in regular school.

  4. Identify teacher issues with shadow Compatibility.

  5. Identify whether the child is comfortable in a noisy environment with a group of other children in the same classroom

  6. Assessing the ability to respond to teacher instructions and follow commands with precision, ensuring readiness for academic engagement.

Overall, a classroom simulator provides a dynamic and interactive learning environment that enables users to engage in realistic educational activities, practice teaching and learning skills, and enhance their classroom management abilities in a safe and controlled setting.

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